Causes Of Memory Loss, Alzheimer's And Dementia

April 21-2006

In the 1960's Aluminum emerged as a theory that caused brain damage. The mainstream and holistic field varied on this conclusion. Plaque build-up in the brain is the accepted theory at this point.

Brain Fuel--The Exciting Benefits of The Amino Acid L-Glutamine
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HIGH QUALITY VITAMIN E-protection from memory loss
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The images of the brain done by a  diagnostic machine called the PET (Positron Emission Tomography)  show the difference between the normal brain and the Alzheimer's brain. Blue and black show inactive areas. Notice the higher levels of blue and black in the brain of the Alzheimer's patient.

No one knows whether the decline in glucose metabolism ( the sugar in the brain that provides a major energy source to it) causes neurons (nerve cells in the brain) to degenerate or whether neuron degeneration causes metabolism to decline. In the effort to find out, scientists have examined glucose molecules at every step of the way from bloodstream to neuron. (Dr. Budinger)  From Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center's Web site.


6 Tips for a Healthy Memory 6 Tips to a healthy memory and stay healthy and bright. One tip is to create or activate your future. See some tips on helping maintain clear thinking, reasoning and executing routine daily functions also called cognitive behavior.
    Facts on memory loss
    Facts on memory loss, never remembering , senility and alzheimer's and dementia. Mercury  is a culprit. See what US states have the highest population of elderly affected. Baby boomers and geriatrics effected. Other words for memory loss are amnesia,  dementia, short term memory loss and alcohol dementia.
    Stages of Alzheimer's and Dementia
    There are 3 main stages, see what they are and identify where you or a loved one could be.
    Possible solutions for Alzheimer's and Dementia both natural and pharmaceutical  Proven ways to get the metals out of the body; an easy process; ways to get the body circulating again, an effective way to stay in touch with the world. Another possible cure is from an herb that has been around since the dinosaurs. Alzheimer's drugs like arecept, see comments on it. See Alzheimer's treatments that are natural.
    God and Alzheimer's Disease recent reports have identified that those who have a spiritual viewpoint on memory loss have an increased chance of longevity. Spirituality and the practice of religion may help slow the progression of memory loss type diseases.
    The latest in Alzheimer's Research and Dementia research- New discoveries add new hope. Nobel Prize winners close to a solution. Join the memory walks around the nation and help raise money and awareness to finish off this disease. Researchers from Rush University Medical Center hope make and impact on the disease. Dr. Arvanitakis says, "We're going after something completely new and using a very novel method as well."
    Laughter Good For The Heart- The top five Alzheimer's jokes - A little laughter can sometimes add some relief and open the door to recovery.
    10% of all purchases are donated to the Research of curing Alzheimer's disease - There are a number of nonprofit organizations working diligently to end the scourge of Alzheimer's and Dementia. Donations are needed tocomplete the downfall or Alzhiemer's, Dementia and memory loss.
    Famous people who are effected by Alzheimer's and Dementia - You are not alone; see what movie and TV stars that have been affected and what are they doing to take action. Former President Ronald Reagan and actress Rita Hayworth and more. Many memorials have been done to President Reagan. Donald Trump's highly successful reality TV show "The Apprentice" illustrated how the winner Kelly Perdew ran an Alzheimer's fundraiser as one of his final tasks to wrap up the competition. Mr. Trump is also known as "The Donald". Charlton Heston announced to the public in August of 2002 that he had symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease. Mr. Heston was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George Bush in 2003; this is the highest civilian award as a tribute to his great service.